Charley Crockett is fast becoming a country music legend, wowing audiences with a mix of Texas blues, classic country and Cajun soul. He is a masterful performer, weaving classic songs in with his own originals, all while artfully carrying the crowd’s attention.

Rolling Stone said ‘Lonesome As A Shadow’ was one of the “25 Best Country and Americana albums of 2018 so far” (alongside artists like Willie Nelson, Brandi Carlile, Kacey Musgraves and John Prine), and NPR World Café praised Charley for his “hard-earned version of optimism that’s nothing short of inspiring.”


The Tontons don’t have a readily available mainstream band to make an off-the-cuff comparison, so in this space we won’t tell you they sound like Indie Flavor Of The Week or Noted And Weighty Classic Rock Name. The Tontons simply sound like the Tontons. That sounds like false bluster, but anyone who has been tracking them since 2008 will tell you the same thing. Up front is Asli Omar, that vocal vixen who can make men and rock nerds alike quake in their boots. Bassist Tom Nguyen, whose rumble forms the dermis of the band and then them boys Adam and Justin Martinez come in with titanic guitars and drums to make sure you are still moving your feet. Rounding out the band’s unique sound is the tone and guitar stylings of Andrew Lee.  This is a band that has been fully embraced by their native Houston, and the Tontons have hugged the city back with more than a decade of music and unforgettable performances.


Despite their notoriety, they are still four kids from Magnolia, Texas, that got together to play good music. Their sound is a throwback to a time when Southern Rock and psychedelic music dominated the airwaves, creating a country rock and roll that defies labels.